Node.js Test

Question 1: Node.js runs on __________

Question 2: Node.js is ________ by default.

Question 3: Node.js supports which of the following platform?

Question 4: Node.js terminal (REPL) is used for _________.

Question 5: What is the default scope in Node.js application.

Question 6: Node.js application runs on __________.

Question 7: Simple or complex functionality organized in a single or multiple JavaScript files which can be reused throughout your Node.js application is called ________.

Question 8: The Node.js modules can be exposed using _________.

Question 9: Third-party packages can be install/update/delete using ________.

Question 10: Which of the following core module is used to create a web server in Node.js?

Question 11: How to import module in Node.js?

Question 12: Which of the following is a GUI-based debugging tool for Node.js?

Question 13: Which of the following class is used to create and consume custom events in Node.js?

Question 14: Which of the followings are web application frameworks for Node.js?

Question 15: Which of the following types of application can be built using Node.js?

Question 16: Which module is used to serve static resources in Node.js?

Question 17: Which of the following template engines can be used with Node.js?

Question 18: Which of the following tool automates various tasks of Node.js application?

Question 19: Which of the followings are valid languages for Node.js?

Question 20: Node.js application can access which of the following databases?