What is RouteData in ASP.NET MVC?

RouteData is a property of the base Controller class, so RouteData can be accessed in any controller. RouteData contains route information of a current request. You can get the controller, action or parameter information using RouteData as shown below.

Example: RouteData in MVC
public class StudentController : Controller
    public ActionResult Index(int? id, string name, int? standardId)
        var controller = RouteData.Values["controller"];
        var action = RouteData.Values["action"];
        id = (int)RouteData.Values["id"];
        name = (string)RouteData.Values["name"];
        standrdId = (int)RouteData.Values["standardId"];

        var area = RouteData.DataTokens["areaname"];

        return View();

Please note that you need to cast into appropriate data type or use implicitly typed variable- var.