ASP.NET Core Test

Question 1: ASP.NET Core is an ____________ framework.

Question 2: ASP.NET Core applications can target which of the following?

Question 3: ASP.NET Core supports which of the following platforms?

Question 4: Which of the following is an entry point of ASP.NET Core application?

Question 5: By default, static files can be served from __________ folder.

Question 6: The host for ASP.NET Core web application is configured in _________ file.

Question 7: ASP.NET Core web application uses __________ as an internal web server by default.

Question 8: Every command in .NET Core command line interface starts with _________.

Question 9: The Startup class must include _________ method.

Question 10: The _________ method in Startup class is used to registering services with IoC container.

Question 11: Which of the following is executed on each request in ASP.NET Core application?

Question 12: Middlewares can be configured using instance of type ____________.

Question 13: Middlwares can be configured in ___________ method of Startup class.

Question 14: Which of the following is environment variable in ASP.NET Core application?

Question 15: Which of the following extension method allow us to configure custom error handling route?

Question 16: Which of the following middleware must be installed to serve static files in ASP.NET Core application?

Question 17: Which of the followings are the types of .NET Core applications?

Question 18: ___________ applications can be installed and run on any platform without .NET Core runtime

Question 19: We should target which of the following for the code sharing of .NET Core application?

Question 20: To create logs in ASP.NET Core application, we need to get _________ object from IoC container.