.NET Framework Test

Question 1: CLR stands for __________

Question 2: CLR is responsible for _______.

Question 3: GAC stands for _______.

Question 4: GAC _______.

Question 5: Which of the followings are the types of JIT?

Question 6: Garbage collection includes _______ generations.

Question 7: How to force garbage collection to run?

Question 8: IL in .NET stands for ________.

Question 9: Which tool is used to see IL code?

Question 10: What is boxing in .NET?

Question 11: .NET assembly's metadata is stored in which file?

Question 12: CTS (Common Type System) manages _________.

Question 13: Which of the following integral type can hold a value of any size?

Question 14: What is Code Access Security?

Question 15: Which of the following method notifies garbage collector not to call finalize?

Question 16: Which is the root namespace for fundamental types in .NET framework?

Question 17: Which of the following features are introduced in .NET Framework 3.5

Question 18: Which of the followings are the features of .NET 4.5

Question 19: The code that runs under CLR are called _______.

Question 20: Which of the following is not a valid data type in .NET?