jQuery Test

Question 1: jQuery is a _______ side library.

Question 2: jQuery is a ________ library.

Question 3: jQuery library add which global function?

Question 4: Which of the following is shorthand for jQuery function?

Question 5: jQuery library version 1.x is for ________ browser

Question 6: Which of the following statement determines document is loaded?

Question 7: ______ selects DOM element by id.

Question 8: $("div[class *='myCls']") selects which element(s)?

Question 9: $(this) selects_________.

Question 10: Which of the following jQuery method add/remove CSS classes from the selected elements?

Question 11: Which of the following function automatically attaches new DOM elements to an event handler?

Question 12: Which jQuery method is used to deal with name conflicts?

Question 13: $("div p.myCls") selector selects _______.

Question 14: Which of the following method is used to request data from server?

Question 15: Which of the following method is used to hide the element?

Question 16: Which method returns all sibling elements of the selected element.

Question 17: $("div p").first(); returns ______.

Question 18: Which method allows you to filter elements based on specified criteria?

Question 19: Which of the following statement is TRUE?

Question 20: jQuery guarantees to pass _______ in all event handler.