WCF Test

Question 1: WCF stands for_______ .

Question 2: Which type of contract is applicable to interface in WCF?

Question 3: WCF endpoint includes ________.

Question 4: Which of the security modes are supported in WCF?

Question 5: One Service contract can inherit another service contract.

Question 6: Which utility can be used to create WSDL from WCF service?

Question 7: Which of the message exchange pattern is NOT supported in WCF?

Question 8: __________ http binding is used for duplex contracts.

Question 9: MessageContract can be applied to _______.

Question 10: _________ maps data contracts to SOAP envelopes.

Question 11: Which type of exception can be thrown from WCF service?

Question 12: You need to implement which interface for global exception handling in WCF?

Question 13: You need to configure which type of behaviour to return exception detail from WCF service?

Question 14: Which of the following client credential type can be used with WCF security?

Question 15: Which of the following instancing behaviour is not supported in WCF?

Question 16: Service throttling behavior is used to configure maximum number of ________.

Question 17: Which of the following Concurrency mode is not supported in WCF?

Question 18: Which of the following statement is TRUE?

Question 19: Which of the following must be implement in order to create WCF proxy manually.

Question 20: WCF service can be host in________.