SQL Server LOWER() Function: Convert String to Lower Case

In SQL Server, the LOWER() function converts the specified string into lower case.



character_expression: A string that has to be converted to lowercase. It can be of a type character string or binary data. It can be a constant, variable, or table column. It must be of the data type that is implicitly convertible to varchar data type.

Return Value

Returns the lower cased string of type varchar or nvarchar.

Example 1:

In the following example, strings ‘Hello World’ and ‘ABCDEF’ are converted to lower case.

Example: LOWER()
SELECT LOWER('Hello World') AS Lowercase, LOWER('ABCDEF') AS LowerCaseAlphabets

Example 2:

In the following example, FirstName and LastName columns from the Employee table are converted to lowercase.

Example: LOWER()
SELECT LOWER(FirstName) AS FirstName, LOWER(LastName) AS LastName FROM Employee
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